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SAYC Sailing Center offers full and partial scholarships to under-served children in the St. Johns County area. Scholarships are available for Sail Team and Summer Sail Camp participants. Our scholarship fund is made possible through our partnerships with the SAYC Foundation, First Coast Sailing Association, North Florida Cruising Club, Elks Club, and Saint Augustine Race Week.  The majority of our scholarship fund is derived from the many generous private individuals dedicated to teaching, developing, and sharing the sport of sailing with the next generation of sailors.

Please complete a simple Scholarship Request Form. Please send completed form to the Sailing Director. We will review the application and contact you with the results. If awarded, we will enroll you into the program and get you started.

Did You Know?

We are now accepting scholarship applications for 2024 Summer Camp sailing season!

SAYCSC prides itself upon the full-circle element its year-round programming offers. Through our programs, including summer Sail Camp, US Sailing REACH enrichment, Sail Team, Adventure Sailing, and Sailing Clinics, participants are offered a world of development they can build upon to become successful young adults. Through the carefully crafted learn to sail experience during our summer Sail Camp, children of all ages are introduced to sailing in a way that encourages lifelong learning and participation. Those who develop an immediate passion are encouraged to expand on their skills through adventure and fun, both on and off the water through the fall and beyond. 
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